Planting Season 套种 Tao Zhong (Original)

Aidong Feng - Born in the late 50's in Double Mouth Village, 100 kilometers east of Beijing, this highly acclaimed artist was first inspired by his father's paintings of patriotic scenes depicting the passions of the revolution in China.
Internationally known for his "Peasant Paintings", Feng's artworks are filled with color, amazing detail and a warm sense of humor in praise of his motherland, life in the rural village, harmony and honest prosperity.

Title of Painting: Planting Season 套种 Tao Zhong

By: Aidong Feng – Double Mouth Village, Tianjin, China

These internationally acclaimed “Peasant Paintings” filled with colour and amazing detail are now exclusively available for online ordering from East West Artisans. All online orders for Aidong Feng Original works are commissioned individually, signed and dated by the artist and delivered directly from the artist’s studio with a Certificate of Authenticity. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

Medium: Gouache paints on Artist Quality Paper

Sizes available for this release:
Medium: 480mm x 340mm
Large: 680mm x 480mm